Being a Witness

                                                                        Being a witness
Do people know you are a Christian? Can they tell by the way you act or talk?
Here are a few practical tips on being a better witness to the world around you.

1) Put God in your everyday conversation (11 Co 3:2)
God bless you
Praise the Lord anyway
When someone does you a courtesy or offers you help thank them in Jesus’ name. It is a good testimony and could open the door for further witnessing.

Pray in public (café) (1 Ti 4:4-5)
God would have us be a thankful people and when at a café the least we can do is bow our heads and express our thankfulness to God for the meal. I am not saying to be a spectacle and stand on the table and be a showboat but show as a testimony that you are thanking God and acknowledging the fact that all good things come from Him.

When someone tells you of a personal trial offer to pray for them (and do it) (1 Ti 2:1-4)
You might be surprised at the number of lost people who will positively respond to this. Let’s face it, the lost have no other intercessor for life. The prayer of the lost only gets heard if it is a request for salvation.

Commit some verses to memory and use quotes throughout your dealings with people. (Col 4:6)
The Word of God is powerful and can stick with a person long after a conversation is over. Look for every chance to plant a seed.

Be kind and courteous (Ro 12:18//Ro 13:8)
There is no lack of rude people in the world and every act of kindness gets noticed by someone. God expects His people to be kindhearted. A lot of testimony damage can be done by rudeness and lack of appreciation. The Bible tells us NOT to render evil for evil or railing for railing. Don’t let the devil ruin your testimony by getting angry with the lost.

Be honest (Ro 12:17//11 Co. 8:21)
If the cashier gives you too much change do you give it back? You should along with a comment on God expects honesty from His children. Cashier forget to ring an item up ? Let them know let’s not “talk” Christian let us “show” Christian.

Let God do the judging (Ro 14:12-13)
God saved you when you were a rotten lowdown sinner. We are to treat people with love. Sinners are going to sin. Sin is sin. We might categorize them but let us face it they are going to Hell because they reject the Savior and the only way to effect change in a heart is through the love of God entering in. I am not saying to condone someone’s sin but please remember God loves them anyway and wants them to come to a saving knowledge of Him.

Wear a t-shirt with Scripture (11 Co 4:2-3)
There are plenty of hateful and disgusting labels being worn by people. A good counterbalance are t-shirts which praise the Lord. It might open a door of witnessing to someone.

Always carry a gospel tract with you ( 1 Pe 3:15)
Leave them when the opportunity arises (waiting rooms, with your tip at the café, etc.)
Perhaps the most under used tool in the Christian arsenal. You never know who might end up with a gospel tract left behind. Plant the seed when and where you can.

If someone asks you what religion are you let them know:
1) A Christian first
2) Then tell them your religious affiliation assuring them verbally religion does not save you but being a Christian does.
Believe me I am personally as Baptist as you can get. But where the rubber meets the road your denomination cannot save you only a personal relationship with Jesus can. Besides if a person becomes a Christian they will become Baptist right? Just kidding.