Kingdom gospel versus gospel of grace

2Tim.2:[15] Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

The Bible instructs us to study it. More than just reading the Scripture we are to STUDY it. Perhaps the most important factor in proper study and understanding is to “rightly” divide. Though the Bible was written for all humanity not every instruction can be broadly applied to every individual in every age.
The Bible was not only given to man over a period of time it is also meant to be applied over periods of time. As a minister it is tantamount to properly instruct the flock to rightly divide the Word.
For example God instructed Noah to build an ark. Noah moved by faith did as he was instructed to do. No Christian in our age would logically imply, well God told Noah to build an ark to be saved so I must build an ark too. Just the thought is ludicrous. By the same token myriad of Scriptures are misapplied weekly in pulpits across America to the detriment of the Christian body.
I would like to begin the website lessons with a comparison of the gospel of the kingdom to the gospel of grace.

Let us begin by looking at the gospel of the kingdom. It is important to note (as in all studies) to whom this gospel was intended. Look closely at Matthew 10. Not only should it be evident this is not the gospel of God’s grace to man but in verses 5-7 it CLEARLY says it is for Jews only. Now how a minister can read that and with a straight face tell a believer this gospel is the same is beyond my comprehension. If Jesus Himself says it is ONLY for the Jews then why would we believe it is for us the Gentile believer?

The kingdom gospel may be found in Matthew chapters 5-7 the gospel of God’s grace may be found in the Pauline epistles. Matthew chapters 5-7 are commonly called the sermon on the mount. Many believers wrongly believe this doctrine is for the Christian believer in Christ.
Let us examine the facts:
1) The message was given before the cross. Our gospel is all about the cross.
2) It was intended for the Jews. Our gospel is for all humanity.
3) Nowhere are the words faith, grace, blood, or the cross. You cannot preach our gospel without these.
4) It is a gospel of works (Mt 5:23-30) Ours is totally by faith (Ep 2:8-9)
5) It is one of not making provision for oneself (Mt 6:25-34 NOTE the word Gentiles in this passage surely indicating this is not one for the Gentiles) Ours is one if a man doesn’t work he doesn’t eat and if a man doesn’t provide for his family he is worse than an infidel. (11 Thes 3:10//1 Ti 5:8)
6) The one promises ALL things asked for will be received (Mt 7:7-11) Under ours Paul asked three times for a thorn to be removed but God told him NO! (11 Co 12:7-9)
7) It is one of keeping the commandments ( Mt 5:17-20) Ours is one of the commandments being nailed to the cross. (Col 2:14)

There are some wonderful sentiments preached in the sermon on the mount but you could do EVERYTHING in it and split Hell wide open when you die because this gospel is not for salvation in this age but rather instruction for the Jewish people in preparation for receiving their kingdom.